A Revolution of Her Own

Americal Civic Center, 465-7 Main Street, Wakefield, MA

Special dramatic presentation by History at Play, presenting the story of the courageous colonial woman Deborah Sampson.

Deborah Sampson, the first woman to fight in and be honorably discharged from the American Military, captivates audiences in animmersive living history program chronicling her life. An indentured servant by age five, Deborah grew up in a man’s world, where women were naught but second-class citizens.

As a self-educated master-less woman, she felt a higher calling, and in the final years of the American Revolution, Deborah bound her chest, tied back her hair, and enlisted
in the 4th Massachusetts Regiment of the Continental Army, as “Robert Shurtlieff.” The American Heroine takes you back in time!

3:00 p.m.

Price:  Suggested donation:  $5.00 per adult; children under 12 free of charge!  No reservations are required, but ticket donations can be made in advance.  *All proceeds support the Museum at the West Ward Schoolhouse.

History At Play-Vincent Morreale Photography-2

Vincent Morreale Photography


A Revolution of Her Own, 3:00 p.m., 9/28

Special presentation at the Americal Civic Center, 465-7 Main Street. Suggested donation: $5 per adult; children under 12 free. Reservations are not required, but can be made in advance by emailing wakefieldhistory@gmail.com: SUBJECT: Reservation Deborah Sampson



“History At Play connects the dots between the characters that made up our past and the events they shaped that still influence our lives.” ~ Josh Lederman, The Associated Press

History At Play-Dick McCreight (bluestemlight.com)-1

Courtesy of Dick McCreight Photography


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