Celebrating the 375th Anniversary of the founding of the Town!  

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Our Twilight Tour of the Old Burying Ground is coming right up!  (This year we have added a microphone to our repertoire so it will be easier to hear!)

Thank you for supporting Wakefield Heritage Day, Saturday, September 28th, 2019.  Remember that we continue the work of preserving Wakefield’s history year-round!

To support our work, please *Join us!  Help us in our mission of preserving the town’s history and heritage!  Join the Wakefield Historical Society, established in 1890 and support us via membership dues or donations to the Schoolhouse utilities fund, or let us know you’d like to help out!  We are a welcoming group, and would love more people getting involved to help us with our work.

Visit our Museum in the 1847 West Ward Schoolhouse.  For information about the Museum and to check open dates, see our schedule.

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*Historic Homeowner Signage Program – visit the Wakefield Historical Commission‘s site.    There you will find a link to the necessary form.


*Visit our site “Wakefield Historical Society News”  (https://wakefieldhistory.wordpress.com) for inks to our Historic Wakefield Tours — you can follow the tour as a walking tour onsite on your cellphone or tablet, or you can opt to enjoy them while seated comfortably at your computer.

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*To see Wakefield’s history on WCVB’s CHRONICLE program, and hear the story of how the town got its name, click here.

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*NEW:  Watch the video history of the Hartshorne House.

*In the mood for a murder mystery?  You’ll enjoy this story of the murder of a Civil War soldier from South Reading.

We’ll be growing the site quickly.  Check back with us to find information about the town’s historic sites, people and our collections.